Certifying different legal entities under one certification scope in ISO 9001

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Many queries come back up once implementing the necessities of ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai for your Quality Management System (QMS), and whereas several square measures straightforward to answer, some don't seem to be. One question that may come back up for smaller organizations that have separate locations is: “Can I certify quite one legal entity underneath one ISO 9001 in Dubai?” the solution to the present is yes; however, determinant and distinctive the QMS scope is essential.


What will the scope do with this?

In the ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia normal, one of all the primary actions to require once implementing the standard Management System is to see what the scope of the QMS is going to be. the necessities for this activity square measure in clause four.3, and turn upright when you establish what your structure context is, whom your interested parties square measure, and what they expect. In short, this can be the step wherever you're taking all of your information regarding your organization and state precisely what is going to be coated underneath the standard Management System policies and processes.


So, if you wish to certify 2 completely different firms underneath a similar certificate, you could. you'd try this together with the data regarding the merchandise and services of each firm in your QMS scope. The scope would additionally embody the situation details of each firm to outline the boundaries and relevancy of the QMS. This method isn't unknown within the ISO 9001 Services in Saudi Arabia community, and there's one example wherever a bunch of 4 firms, comprising four completely different legal entities, were certified underneath a similar certification. to find out additional on this subject, verify this article: a way to prepare your company for the ISO 9001 Implementation in Dubai. This doesn't essentially mean that you just will just get along with your neighboring company and make one QMS for certification. The QMS rules and policies have to be compelled to be applicable to any or all the businesses outlined within the QMS scope, and if your firm's square measure too completely different, this could not be possible. This approach of victimization one QMS certification for firms that square measure completely different legal entities are just common once the businesses square measure connected. For instance, you would possibly have one company that's making a product, that contains a sib company that has transportation services. the selection was created that the company would be incorporated underneath a separate legal name so as to additional simply give transportation services for not solely the assembly company, however additionally different firms additionally. ISO 9001 Services in Dubai These 2 firms may be in a similar scope if the selection was created for the QMS policies and rules that were applicable for each. However, the scope should embody each location, additionally as descriptions of the merchandise and also the transportation services offered to customers.


Benefits and downsides of multiple legal entities in one scope

The benefits of ISO 9001 consultant in Saudi Arabia golf stroke multiple legal entities underneath one certification square measure tempting, and also the biggest advantage is that the ability to avoid wasting cash on certification fees. you'll be able to additionally save time and cash on several of your QMS processes, as a result of a similar method is employed at multiple locations. this will embody such things as documentation management, coming up with QMS risks and opportunities, resource and ability maintenance, performance evaluations, and improvement management.

Of course, nothing is ideal, and there are often some drawbacks to the present approach. By together with quite one legal entity, you would like to incorporate all locations, products, and services of all entities in your scope. By doing, therefore, it's attainable that the scope of your ISO 9001 consultant in Dubai, which can tend to your customers and interested parties, can become confusing and complicated. If this may confuse customers on what your merchandise and services square measure, then have faith in separating the standard Management Systems of the 2 firms. It is vital to notice that not each certification body can enable this follow, therefore you must see your certification body if they're willing to proceed along with your certification with a scope that has quite one legal entity. If they're not willing to try to do this, you may have to be compelled to either pursue separate certifications or notice a distinct certification body WHO can enable this. Certification bodies have to be compelled to align with their certification rules, therefore it's additionally attainable that this might modification within the future.


Define the scope that produces sense for you

It is vital to assume through the choice of however you may outline your scope once you have multiple connected firms that have separate legal entities. Is there a profit for your companies? can the combined scope be too confusing or complex? what's the simplest factor to try for your company? there's no right answer, and every company during this state of affairs can have to be compelled to come back to their own conclusion. Remember, assume through this call before reprehension your registrar, and build your certification work for you.


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