Aesthetic LED Wallpaper In Your Living Room With Two-Color Scheme

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A living room is a place to relax and enjoy yourself. It's a gathering space for family and friends, as well as a place to unwind alone. A living room can showcase fun color schemes and bold design elements pretty seamlessly. Aesthetic led wallpaper is individually handcrafted, allowing us to create designs that are exclusive to their surroundings. It is one of the most exciting rooms in the house, so don’t be afraid to mix high-ticket items here. An easy way to incorporate some style into your living room is by assigning a color combination. Two-color living room combinations are trending again now, and there are many ways to interpret this style.


Two-Toned Walls

A simple method to include two tones in a room is to use a neutral background and a bold color from the same family as the accent color. Think dazzling white with forest green borders or crisp white with indigo integrated strategically as a neutral background for cool-toned hues.


  1. Beige and Burnt Orange

Beige and burnt orange or beige with bright red looks unique. If you feel bolder, go with the bright color as your base- and break it up with small doses of neutral colors here and there. Light color wood often looks better with cool tones, and deep brown wood complements the warm tones better. A warm beige, on the other hand, might help to balance off bright, warm tones.


  1. Accent Walls

You can add an accent wall as well- one wall in a different color compared to the rest of the room. For an unexpected touch, you can add the accent color to the ceiling!


  1. Texture Paint

The main guideline for pattern decorating is that you can use more than one pattern in a space – which is acceptable – but never more than three. So, you may decorate a wall with patterns like chevron stripes or polka dots, but don't go crazy. Or you can opt for textured paint to create an interesting color-on-color effect. Take inspiration from art, travel, and even ads, such as Coca-distinctive Cola's white-on-red logo. If you are feeling courageous, you could even go black and white! Think of colors that mean something to you- the result should be the reflection of your style.


Two-Toned Furnishings


  1. Try Contrast Colors

A more straightforward method to add color to the living room is to add furnishings in two colors. For example, you can match curtains to the sofa upholstery and use cushions in a contrasting color. Or, if your upholstery is in a neutral color such as grey, white, beige, or black, try placing pillows that match the rug.


  1. Try Curtains in Two-Tone

Try curtains in two contrasting colors and introduce more pieces in those two colors. This way, the background of your room – the walls, the large amounts of furniture, and the woodwork can all be classic and neutral, and you can still add the two-color story to your room.


  1. Two-Tone Paintings

You can even find paintings in two tones. You can employ contrasting colors here as well. Too many colors can make a room appear cluttered. Sticking to just two styles for all your furnishings will make the room look incredibly cohesive.



Aesthetic led wallpaper incorporates light-emitting diodes into flat substrates that may be used to decorate interior walls.

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