Green Laser Pointer|Take you to see the stars and the night clearly

First, you need to choose a green laser, because the human eye can see green more easily.

First, you need to choose a green laser, because the human eye can see green more easily. Red, purple, and blue are also visible, but green is easier to see and can be used at low power while providing better visibility. The visibility of a 5mW green laser is 5-10 times that of a 5mW red laser. Secondly, you should start with a 5mW-50mw high powered laser pointer, because it has enough power to point to the object, and it can still be used safely without glasses. Once you decide which laser you want to use, you must use our laser pointer safety tips. Since some luminous objects in the sky may be airplanes, it is necessary to make a circle instead of a point. Instead of aiming the laser directly at an object that you think is a star, it is better to orbit the star-this will keep the beam moving and avoid wandering on a potential aircraft. Even a 5 MW laser can be a serious hazard for pilots miles away.

I quickly let his new owner know the consequences of his puppy’s favorite game and suggested some better ways to play with the green laser pointer if he is not fully prepared not to be used as a toy. This is a very popular feature for high-power green laser pointers and low-power units. The ability to focus or expand the laser beam will enable you to locate long-distance targets more effectively, whether it is search and rescue, construction, stargazing, military applications, etc.; many users prefer it to provide you with more focus adjustment options Control the laser output and brightness.

Almost always use AA or AAA batteries, although this is not a problem at all, but higher power blue laser pointer may use a considerable amount of energy. Large and powerful laser sight. The key is just a small problem. Our cats love it, and dogs love it. More importantly, even long-distance training is very suitable for training. It's always good, because when they have the red aiming laser to ask questions, you won't be confused about who is who.

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