It is the reason that we're here in the first place

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With all this said I find it hard to believe that the combat calculation of RuneScape Gold 138 is superior to the 200 combat calculation, especially in the present EOC system.

A possible solution Important note at the close of this editorial Jagex will be launching a new poll that will give users the chance to modify the calculation of 138. This may help to avoid the issue discussed earlier. The system will need to be changed dramatically. Hitpoints will have very limited impact on calculations. Strength and attack would have to scale to Ranged or Magic.

Can this vote to alter the system of combat be successful in resolving the problem? While we don't know everything, it's quite likely that they will not. People's decisions are influenced by their nostalgia, as we have previously stated.

They would prefer to have the old method to be used again, not a totally new one. Even if players voted to change the calculation, we would not have much power over the changes that occur and what isn't. This is a way to take power away from the players. Not that I mind that. It is the reason that we're here in the first place.

This is something I have always considered to be a weak point. When I first began playing, it was a few years ago in high school, and I was playing with a group of friends, so naturally everyone knew I played. It was me and a small group of "hardcore", close friends who played for Buy RS 3 Gold a few more years. However, eventually the group stopped playing. I continued playing alone and without anyone else even knowing.


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