Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Volt Set to drop for Summer 2022

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Volt Set to drop for Summer 2022

The summer of 2022 will be an eventful season,Cadysneaker with many new versions appearing every day. Here, Air Jordan 1 became the focus again, appearing in the vibrant "Volt" color scheme. Unlike Billie Eilish's view of AJKO, the neon lights of these shoes have been reduced by a few degrees. Although still the star of the show, its stage has been greatly reduced, and the shadows are only allowed to be equipped with worn covers-toe caps, ankle flaps, counters, etc.-and the brand label of the tongue. Elsewhere, "Sail" is used on many bottom-layer fixtures, in contrast to Swoosh and the collar, the black exterior of which is cracked. Since its return earlier this year, the Reebok Pumping Station Omni Zone II has received a large number of new color schemes. In addition to "NERF" and "Jurassic Park", this silhouette also pays tribute to various classics. The bright polished golden sides and midsole exude a luxurious atmosphere, which matches well with the retro colors at the back. The white neutral color runs through the entire leather panel, and the contrasting black accent is used on the tongue, collar, heel, and many parts of the tool. The red, then, helps to pay tribute through the lining and the adjacent TPU, while complementing the orange impact, wearing the tread and the pump itself.

As one of Nike's latest exclusive women's shoes, Air Max Furyosa has almost no chance to play a role. But when it was preparing for the fall,Air Jordan 1 Fearless finally saw a simple color, mainly composed of neutral colors. The foundation is laid in white, in leather and mesh. Black is immediately behind and next to it, while increasing the volume and contrast of the shoe. The eyes stay, tongue, lining, and similar, creating a single look, slightly breaking the light blue in the middle of the foot. It has been a full year since Feng Chen Wang last cooperated with Converse. To celebrate their reunion, the two will revisit the two-in-one "Chuck", a piece of work that is almost like a Frankenstein-style movie. Structurally, the two new color schemes are exactly the same as before. Several of Chuck Taylor's clothes were draped over another, increasing the height of the sole and adding a double-layer volume at the heel. Through color and printing, Wang explored the theme of "rebirth from the ruins" and concretized it in two completely different styles. The first reflects traditional concrete, covering many canvas panels with a slate veil. In contrast, the second one tends to be louder colors, with pink and white tones painted on the same texture.

In the past four years, the Air Jordan 1 has become a "fashion" shoe in the mainstream consciousness, but it has been "banned" by the NBA. (It's actually the Nike Air Ship managed by the league,Menairshoes  but Swoosh wants to promote Michael Jordan's first sneaker.) Jordan Brand launched the eponymous "Black/College Red" in 2011 The (Black/University Red) color scheme (indicated by the "x" mark on the heel) fully embraces this historical highlight. However, in a recent memory, the subsidiary ostensibly extended the wording described in a 1985 advertisement about the "ban" to a black and gray retro car. This pair of newly launched shoes is characterized by the superposition of light gray at the ankle, the contour line and the bottom heel, which immediately reminiscent of the original contour color. Surrounded by smooth leather, then, immersed in a deep dark tone, matching the "Wings" badge on the side of the collar. These two components are arguably the secondary role of Jordan 1's most unique detail: the handwritten text on the surface is applied to the "full body" fashion. Although it is difficult to interpret the information from the early observations of this pair of shoes, it can be seen from the side of this pair of shoes that "stop" and "wear them". 35 years ago, Nike aired an advertisement (similar to Apple's "1984" advertising style) about how the NBA opposed its "revolutionary new basketball shoes." The end of this 32-second ad is like this: "Fortunately, the NBA can't stop you from wearing them." The scribbled text on the Air Jordan sneakers may be another part of Jordan's legacy, and only time will tell us.


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