Complete the player creation process in NBA 2K22

The first few hours of playing NBA 2K22 have convinced me that the game will be a significant step forward after the disappointing release of NBA 2K MT earlier this month


The first few hours of playing NBA 2K22 have convinced me that the game will be a significant step forward after the disappointing release of NBA 2K MT earlier this month. As it is, I am still in the early stages of my experience with the game, and my opinions may change as I learn more about what has and hasn't changed. However, I am optimistic that the gameplay tweaks I've already come to appreciate, as well as the numerous options Visual Concepts has provided me to take advantage of them, will hold up over time. 


Discover and tap on the Face Scan tab that is located on the home screen. A set of terms and conditions will be displayed, which you must accept in order to proceed with the process. Finally, NBA 2K22 has arrived, and it's time for fans to make the transition from the previous title to the new one. Players can embark on new adventures in MyPlayer and The City mode, which will be released alongside roster updates and quality-of-life improvements.

While some players will relish the opportunity to jump right into the action, others may prefer to take their time when creating their character. The process of creating a character can take hours, especially if you're attempting to create a character that is based on your own characteristics. There is, however, a way to expedite this process. NBA 2K22, like its predecessors, allows players to scan their faces, resulting in characters that look exactly like their real-life counterparts in the game. Despite the fact that the system is not capable of producing one-to-one replicas, it has proven to be extremely accurate at times in testing.

The MyNBA 2K22 app requires a device that can download the MyNBA 2K22 app in order to scan your face and make your character look like you in 2K22 MT. It is not yet available in the Google Play or Apple App stores as of the time of writing this article, but it is expected to be available within a few days after passing through the normal approval processes. Installing the app is as simple as launching it and logging in with your PSN, Microsoft Xbox Live, Steam, or Nintendo account information. 

The instructions that will appear on your screen should be followed to the letter. In order to use the app, you will need to scan your face from various angles, which will take less than a minute. It will be possible to upload the results to 2K's servers once you have finished scanning your face. In order to complete the player creation process in NBA 2K22, you must first log back into your account. This is where you should see a scanned image of your face. The scanning process for NBA 2K22 may need to be redone if your face is not visible in the game after using the app. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while uploading the scan to the servers.

The MyPlayer mode in NBA 2K22 is a fantastic addition, thanks to Visual Concepts' inclusion of a plethora of entertaining activities. You can immediately begin running around The City, completing quests and interacting with NPCs. Jake from State Farm is an example of this. In this absurd world, your soon-to-be pro baller can simply skateboard around to his heart's content (complete with ludicrous skating physics), go to the gym for some weightlifting mini-games, and then get into a 3-on-3 game against other elite players to burn off some steam. So far, the story mode appears to have been scaled back in comparison to last year, but it is still early and it is impossible to predict how some of the off-court action will affect the mode in the coming months.