Prepare for the arrival of Path of Exile Expedition

The developers also boasted about the path of exile in the official blog: the biggest changes and innovations brought about by the expedition.


It's time to prepare to wipe out the hordes of undead in Path of Exile: Expedition. It's time to seize the opportunity to reap great returns. In addition, understand and explore different ways to create characters. Path of Exile: The Expedition has everything needed for a good ARPG expansion: fascinating elements, intense battles, and dazzling darkness. Find it in the Microsoft Store.

A group of Kagoran merchants followed in the footsteps of their ancestors who never returned to Wraeclast. Their goal is to retrieve the lost cultural POE Currency in time, and for this, they ask for your help to deal with the hidden dangers. It is now ready to strategically place a series of explosives at the marked expedition site and then detonate them. These explosions will unearth the lost Kalgur. If you manage to kill this group of undead, you will be able to retrieve their artifacts and give them to merchants in exchange for their merchandise.

Each Kalguur traveler offers multiple trading methods based on his or her personality. Player Gwenen doesn't believe in luck, thinking that luck belongs only to those who truly believe in it. She provides you with goods whose attributes are only visible after you purchase. Therefore, there is a risk of obtaining high-value or low-value things. Negotiator Tugan is ready to negotiate his price, but be careful not to offend him with a little money. Roger, the dealer is just looking for a deal and constantly tries to sell you more products by providing upgrades for the goods you buy. Chief Dunning accepts various artifacts and exchanges them for other artifacts to promote communication with his expedition.

As always, we provide you with new options for creating roles. There are exciting new basic types and unique items around Kalguur. However, the theme of creation is a new game that you will undoubtedly experience through skill tiles. In this expansion, we hope to completely change the meta game of Path of Exile by Buy POE Currency and give it a variety of game styles. With this in mind, we created 19 new skills and support stones, each with the theme of one of our ancestral professions.