T.J. Hockenson’s Madden 22 score makes him too low in the TE ranking

Therefore, it is difficult not to attribute these ratings to influences beyond Hokenson's control.


EA Sports will continue their week-long rollout of the overall scores of the top 10 players ranked by position in the Madden NFL 22, and Wednesday’s Tondo jour is about to end. In the end, a player from the Detroit Lions broke the list, but it will certainly attract attention-there may be some #DetroitVsEverybody responses on social media. T.J. Hokenson, the third-year tight end from Iowa State, will be ranked ninth with an overall rating of 85 when the Madden NFL 22 is released next month.

Hokenson's overall rating in last year's Madden NFL 21 game was 77 points, so after he completed the Pro Bowl season, his rating improved by 8 points. This is a big improvement. He was 723 yards and 6 times. 67 passes in touchdowns. When you pass the top four close ends, your head starts scratching, because there is nothing to quibble there—except that Mark Andrews was left out in the cold with a total of 88. However, Hunter Henry has an overall score of 87 points on the EA Sports team and has not surpassed Hokenson's sophomore season in a season in his five-year career.

Austin Hooper played more than 70 consecutive seasons for the Atlanta Falcons in 2018 and 2019, but last year he only passed 46 of the Cleveland Browns' 435 yards and 4 touchdowns. Mike Gesicki is a glorious slot machine close end. He hardly offers any online close end and leads Hokenson with the same overall score. The Madden 22 Coins are the key factor for you to unlock more skills.

Therefore, it is difficult not to attribute these ratings to influences beyond Hokenson's control. Henry is a successful player all year, you know, he hasn't really collapsed yet, he just got a bag from the New England Patriots, so this is your explanation. Hooper and Rob Gronkowski are traditional scores because their performance a year ago does not prove that they are ahead of Hockenson. As for Gesicki, I couldn't find anything. Except for Hokenson and center Frank Lagno, it is expected that the Detroit Lions will not have many highly rated players in this year's "Madden" because the team's lineup will be re-adjusted this season. MUT Coins will make it easier to get star players to form a team.