Path of Exile: Introducing new content from Expedition Expansion

To solve this problem, Chris Wilson explained that all existing content will be revised in the next 12 months.


07/19/2021 at 2:41 pm by Oliver J?ger-A few days ago, Grinding Gear Games held an announcement stream for Path of Exile’s new update 3.15, where developer Chris Wilson’s new content about the Expedition expansion and about the Exile Lu: The return of the battle royale. The next expansion pack of the PC version of Path of Exile will be released on July 23. Although the release date has long been known, the developers of Grinding Gear Games, especially Chris Wilson, revealed in the announcement stream on July 15 what fans can expect in the new season if they join the Kalguuren expedition.

Specifically, the game will add the following new content: Expeditionary Alliance, 4 new NPC merchants, 19 new skill gems, and new types of basic and unique items. Balancing changes have been made to make the path of exile more challenging, including a complete overhaul of the Elixir system. In addition, three years later, the battle royale mode that was still a joke on April Fools' Day should return.

During the expedition, you will repeatedly encounter marked excavation sites. The signs here represent enemies and treasures, which can be brought to the surface by cleverly placed explosives. During the battle, you can get POE Currency and new items, which can be traded at four new NPC dealers. In a tweet deleted before the announcement, the developer also stated that the Path of Exile metagame should be changed. To achieve this goal, 19 new skill gems have been introduced in AI. game. Each new alliance introduces new weapons, crafting options, and capabilities, thereby spreading the power of the old strategy.

To solve this problem, Chris Wilson explained that all existing content will be revised in the next 12 months. In addition, since the potion’s powerful rewards in the final game have been abused by experienced players, the potion system will change. Last but not least, the Battle Royale 2018 mode will be re-introduced, and players have requested to buy POE Chaos Orb. It should be accessible during the weekend of the current expeditionary alliance. The balance of Battle Royale mode should also be updated from time to time.