What are the Benefits and Procedures for GST file returns in Electronic city?

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GST file returns in Electronic city will do the process in which businesses are involved in selling and buying goods and services that are required to register for GST Filing Process. Following this process, the business entities must have a turnover above Rs. 20 Lakhs for the services and Rs. 40 Lakhs for the supply of the goods. Despite this, organizations who are involved in the interstate supply of goods or those who are making taxable supplies also behalf of others are also need to go through the GST Filing registration process.


For most businesses, GST Fling registration is necessary. Generally, it will not take two to six days for the registration process to be finished. Continuing the organization without registering it under GST is an offense and can lead to huge penalties.


 Who All Should Register for GST Filing Registration?

The following business individuals or entities are eligible for GST registration:


Businesses having turnover above the threshold limit of Rs. 40 Lakhs

Individuals who are registered under several tax laws (excise, service tax, VAT) before the GST law came into being

Casual taxable person

Agents who work for a service distributor or a supplier

Individuals paying tax under the liable of GST Filing

E-commerce aggregators

Suppliers who are working with e-commerce aggregators

Non-resident taxable person

TDS/TCS reducers

Access service provider or Digital data retrieval


What are the Benefits and Advantages of GST Filing Registration?

GST filing Consultants in Electronic city comes with various benefits for business or individual entities. There are some of the benefits of registering as a GST Filing taxpayer

GST Filing registration serves as evidence that acknowledges your business as one of the certified businesses for the provision of services and goods.

You get the right to collect tax from your customers and pass on the credit of the paid taxes to the suppliers or customers.

You can also claim the benefits of a composition scheme under GST Filing to reduce the huge amount of compliance, of being a small taxpayer.



What are the Documents Required for GST Registration?

There are some list of documents needed for GST registration:

Applicant’s PAN Card

Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership Deed

Address proof of the business place

Aadhar Card

Identity or the address proof of partners or the promoters along with photographs

Digital signature

Resolution signed by board members


What are the Disadvantages and the Penalties that are Charged for not Opting for GST Filing Registration?

In GST filing Services in Electronic city if there are offender who wanted avoids registering under the GST Filing regime has to pay a huge penalty of 100% of the tax due or Rs.10000, which is very huge. Similarly, those who avoid filing GST Filing returns have to pay a penalty of tax due, subject to a minimum penalty of Rs.10000.


How to Apply for GST FILING REGISTRATION in Electronic City?


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